Planet Gong - Floatin' Anarchy [1977]

This is one of the albums I found by coming up with the sound I wanted to hear and worked backwards to find an album that did it. I wanted to hear psychedelic effects laden punk and figured that there must have been a prog-rock band from the 70's that tried their hand at punk and made just what I was looking for.

Well, in 1977, Daevid Allen of mystical prog-rock icons Gong, formed an offshoot of the group with members of Here and Now and created this one-off live recording that runs on a punk energy but processes it all through a prog-ish predilection for tangents and phasers. It's the sort of thing that was fairly antithetical to the world of punk, so you wouldn't get it from groups out of that scene (though nothing would make me happier than to be proven wrong via a new group to check out), but lucky for us, a few old proggers tried to get hip. I love it when older musicians try to get hip cause every now and then they make something that goes beyond and fuse otherwise disparate worlds.

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