Black Box - Dreamland [1990]

Black Box was a 90's Italian house act best remembered for their work with Martha Wash on the iconic piano-house singles "I Don't Know Anybody Else" and "Everybody, Everybody", but here they stretch out into more of an ambient wash that comes suspiciously close to presaging the synth whistle of the X-Files theme song in my book (add in the connection that "Dreamland" is a nickname for Area 51, and I'm ready to go to court with fifty bags full of letters to Santa).

Anyway, while it has the feel of an interlude, I always end up playing it a few times in a row when it comes on as it so well taps into that 80's-90's synthetically cosmic soundscape that I grew up swimming in.

*The woman in this shot was not in the group, but, controversially and, to me, very shittily, the men in the group hired her to lip-sync Martha Wash's vocals in music videos and pose for photos on the group's release artwork. I believe everyone ended up well compensated, but it still rubs me the wrong way, though less so than the 60's track I was originally going to post today that I realized at the last minute was essentially a story of repeated harassment followed by a kiss of unclear consent. Yuck.

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