Mustafa Özkent Ve Orkestrası - Gençlik Elele [1970]

Combing through the collection, looking for something interesting to post, I found this record of Anatolian Funk (ie Turkish Funk) but didn't remember what had led me to it initially (though it could have just been the amazing cover).

As soon as I threw this track on though, I thought, "Oh, this is the sample source for the bass line ing Jurassic 5's 'A Day At The Races' and I must've tracked it down during my sample-hounding days."

But the weird thing is, that while it REALLY sounds like it is the source ... it's not. "A Day At The Races" samples David Axelrod's "Urizen". So I guess it was just that wild ass album cover after all. Anyway, this album is full of excellent funk instrumentals and however I ended up with it, I'm happy to have it.

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